Revolutionary Smart NFT Ticketing & Marketing

Organizing events needs more than just ticketing. It needs to be smart by engaging fans with ground-breaking smart blockchain marketing solutions! EVNTx does just that. EVNTx offers a comprehensive Smart Event NFT Ticketing & Marketing software solution that can deliver innovative 1-to-1 Direct-to-Fan™ engagement marketing.

Digital Smart NFT Tickets™

You have complete control and insight throughout your event cycle because of the real-time data that indicates NFT ticket ownership and activity.

Create • Validate • Control

EVNTx not only allows for the development and validation of any sort of NFT ticket, but it also allows for regulated (re)selling.

An End to Ticket Fraud

NFT tickets are blockchain-registered and linked to fans' smartphones, eliminating the possibility of fraud.

All Markets Served

Generate NFT tickets for multiple primary market channels and provide fans the option of reselling them on a controlled secondary market.

NFT Event Ticketing
Tailored to Your Event

EVNTx is the future of NFT event ticketing sales, marketing and distribution of NFTs, cost effectively. We aspire to dominate the ticketing industry by providing a complete 1-to-1 Direct-to-Fan engagement solution for Artists and Event Organizers patrons and fans, like memorializing attendance at an event as an NFT ticket, and offering video clips from concerts as NFT digital ticket stub collectibles. We've considered every facet and have a solution for everyone, including pre-funding and fund raising strategies.
  • Livestreams & Sport Events

  • Museums, Theatres & Concerts

  • Festivals, Film & Night Clubs

  • Amusement & Theme Parks

  • Promotional, Conventions & Hotels

  • Business, College & School

  • Website Opt-ins & Subscriptions

  • Webinars & Membership Sites







Unrivaled Performance

Everyone has access to a safe, self-service platform and marketplace. You will earn more money on each transaction and will absorb secondary market earnings as well.

You will give fans treasured ticket NFT memorabilia , like offering video clips from concerts as NFT collectibles with immutable proof of attendance, boosting engagement with NFT collectibles.

With smart contracts enforcing all digital NFT ticketing rules and restrictions, you'll collect fan information from current and previous ticket holders.
  • Boost fan engagement, build relationships, reward loyalty

  • Revenue on each transaction

  • More insights and control

Our Smart NFT Ticket

Our Smart NFT Ticket™ is controlled by a smart contract, which is basically a digital contract that operates when certain criteria is met and is maintained on a blockchain as a Non Fungible Token. NFT SMRTKey™ Contracts record your fans mobile number for unique identification, and includes a self-updating QR code that rotates making fraud impossible. The ticket price is predetermined and locked. It cannot be sold for more than the set price. EVNTx tickets have multiple privileges in one ticket and are always resellable. Smart NFT Tickets™ are proven to increase fan engagement and revenue in perpetuity through secondary trade of ticket NFT collectible videos & other memorable moments, including high valued NFT Asset Investments.

Unique Identification

Linked to a unique mobile number

Self Updating QRC

Self updating QR code makes fraud impossible


Always sellable, anonymous and fast

Locked Price

Can't be resold for more than original price

Multiple Privileges

Multiple privileges in one ticket

Smart Contract

Smart, secure auto-distribution of all profits

Lifetime Direct-2-Fan Engagement w/ NFT Tickets

Collect memorialized attendance from any event as an NFT ticket stub by offering images, videos & sound clips as collectible NFT asset memorabilia. From concerts, sporting events and artists, of once-in-a-lifetime moments, even high valued NFT artist's works can be offered as an investment asset. Whenever a Smart NFT ticket is (re)sold, royalty payments to the issuer, as well as any other stakeholders, are triggered. Any fan with a digital wallet can take advantage of this and capitalize on secondary NFT airdrops and promotions to Direct-2-Fans™.
Mominul Islam

Mominul Islam

It was easy to use once I downloaded the wallet to my phone. I get updates on upcoming events and free airdrops of collectable NFTs' I love it!

Janice Charleston

Janice Charleston

My experience has never been easier buying tickets online. I was able to redeem my food coupons easily at the concession stand.I love the fact my ticket stub is a tradable NFT I can resell on the open market!

John Wittmore

John Wittmore

When to the nightclub and showed the bartender my NFT ticket, he scanned it and I received my free drink. I get VIP treatment after I attend and collect NFT's from famous performers that I've seen at each event too!

Diane Hillcrest

Diane Hillcrest

Easy to use! I bought tickets for the group and was able to invite them to claim their tickets right thru the app instantly. We all received our collectable NFT's from the ComiCon upon admission too!

Discover What Your Smart NFT Tickets Can Do

Using the power of blockchain, easily apply the latest technology and reap the benefits of pure digital Smart NFT ticketing. The EVNTx Smart NFT Event Ticketing Solution is the first to employ a proprietary Web-Engagement-Based 3 Protocol. The WEB 3 Protocol combined with custom smart contract programming makes your NFT tickets smart, safe, and enabled for transparent profit sharing and tracking for both main and secondary markets.

Revenue & Costs

Unlimited NFT ticket types and upsells, all in one place. Save valuable time and prevent costly mistakes, while enjoying real-time revenue payouts and insights into your finances.

Selling & Reselling

Only you determine how and when NFT tickets are (re)sold. Keep prices the same all around, set up discounts for certain groups or even switch on dynamic pricing.

Marketing Efforts

Collect relevant data from current & previous NFT ticket holders and friend groups. Cater to specific target groups, identify your superusers and make every move a calculated one.

Finally, an End-to-End Smart NFT Ticketing Solution

We offer wallet and validator apps for iOS and Android, as well as an Event Management Platform, a secure marketplace, white label integrations, APIs, and SDKs. With our wallet's Direct-2-Fan marketing capability, you can develop social awareness and a steady stream of residual traffic toward revenues, all while providing distinctive value at a low cost. Start working with EVNTx today to handle all of your NFT event ticketing and marketing needs so you can build a memorable powerful brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us for any details about how to get started with EVNTx Smart NFT Event Ticketing & Marketing Solution.

Yes. We provide you a a complete solution privately branded, including a white label mobile app solution for both Apple and Windows mobile phones.

Contact us and we can discuss how we can best provide our solution at the lowest cost.

Unlimited. EVNTx is built on blockchain and can handle millions of transactions and thousands per second. We have state of the art servers with redundancy in place so you will never be down.

Yes, we provide full training and support

About Us

In the fight against ticket fraud, black markets, and escalating secondary market pricing, our Smart NFT Event Tickets™ supports artists, promoters, and fans. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology digitizes event tickets, giving you full control over the ticket lifecycle, from issuance through secondary sale and authentication. Through unique NFT investment assets and memorabilia of once-in-a-lifetime events, EVNTx provides artists, musicians, filmmakers, and event organizers ultimate control over secondary NFT asset market promotion & distribution. EVNTx enables new revenue streams, creating new social economic internet of value.
James Faasse
James Faasse
Co-Founder - CMO
Robert Zaloga
Robert Zaloga
Adam Ardenfriend
Adam Ardenfriend
Data Analytics
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Tré Goodrum
Cofounder - CFO

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